I love to make resolutions each year. I don’t guilt myself if I can’t manage to keep them, but it is always great to have a fresh slate to accomplish goals again.

I didn’t do so well last year at all with the resolution to lose weight and exercise more. This year I am determined. I have been overweight for over 3 years now, last seeing 120 around Aisling’s first birthday. I don’t need to reach that goal again, even at 140 on my tiny 5’1″ frame I look pretty healthy. 130 is a more realistic goal now nearing 40 than my 120 standard I had in my 20s. I eat poorly and don’t exercise enough. Time to eat healthier meals, drink more water, walk and swim more, and maybe even take up Irish set dancing again like I did in my teens and 20s. I will be setting up a tab on my blog to keep track of my exercise and weight loss progress. I will posting my scary start weight and my goal I figure I have about 60 lbs to lose at least, not good. But I am energetic about it.

I did like last year and started 2009 as I mean to continue. So planned activities for were:

1. I will be having a crafting retreat today, sewing and knitting throughout the day interspersed with other things on my list. I hope to restart the pink sock finally, today is the day to rip rip rip back. I also hope to start on a felted bag project today and some more knitted potscrubbers for my arsenal. On the sewing front I will be trying a patchwork star tree topper, inspired by Patchwork Pottery. I might also work on one of my 2 sided wonky log cabin blocks!

(Never actually posted to blog yesterday, but decided to do no ripping, as I didn’t mean to continue making mistakes and ripping them back, lol, too superstitious I guess! I managed to make the funky patchwork star, so got some sewing in!! I also started on a new knitted bag for me, called the Constant Companion.)
Star Tree Topper

2. I plan to drink lots of water, walk, and eat well. My first day of weight loss program and I intend to do well!! A friend and I will have a meal out on Saturday so that will be my first test to see how my willpower is working out!!

(Did pretty well, but will aim to be religiously counting Weight Watcher points by Sunday)

3. I plan to do a digital scrapbooking layout. Another thing I want to do this year is learn digital scrapbooking. I have liked Mary‘s layouts she has shown and think it would be a great way to document a week in the kids life and have great fodder for a book for my mom and dad each year. I will be putting a tab on my blog for showing those each week as well if you are interested in seeing them. My first few will be simple ones as I get to know what I am doing I am sure, but hope to add a bit of journaling to each page as well…
(Didn’t manage this yesterday, but got a little start on scrapblog here… the day before)

4. I will use my knitted potscrubbers instead of sponges for washing up today. I hope to continue to be more green and also more frugal. I am buying no more birthday cards or wrapping paper. I have enough plain sheets to last for years after the rolls run out, and have a ton of card making supplies. I have a box of gifts for girl birthday parties, and will make items from stash after that runs out, no more taking out a second mortgage each year for crazy gifts… I also plan on buying no more yarn or big amounts of fabric (the odd FQ I’ll allow myself!!) I bought a line for hanging up laundry in the utility room during the winter instead of using the dryer. Will see if DH will help me hang it.

(Ended up doing a big reorganization in the kitchen so pulled out the big scrubbers for wiping cabinets down, but used the knitted scrubbies for dishes)

I am contemplating joining the group May Britt is starting to get one crafty project done each month. Love the idea of getting one thing done each month as a focus, and it doesn’t have to be a full big quilt, but can be smaller projects. The prizes and giveaways are a good incentive too!! Check out May Britt’s blog if you are interested in joining the group!

Over the Christmas holidays I did a bit of knitting up at Dave’s mom’s house…more scrubbies for my arsenal…
December 2008

I also decided I hated my table runner as it wouldn’t lay flat, so I sliced that offending runner in half and made two gift bags out of it. I guess I should have taken better care making it so it wouldn’t have had so many waves around the edge, but I like it better in this guise, really, as I don’t use them ever!
December 2008

I will leave you with photos of Aine and the new cupcake maker Santa sent her.
December 2008 December 2008