What was that about trying to do weekly or more posts? I have fallen far short of that goal. It has been a busy month, lots to do but not a lot of crafting to show for it. We have also had our fair share of colds and flus coming through and holding on to reinfect us…the joys of seasonal changes.

One thing DH got done for me was getting my Dear Jane up on the wall!!Dear Jane on Display at Home

I’m making progress on the pink Marilinda sock, I’ve done the heel and am working on the foot now, then to start the second sock…ugh…I do like that 2 socks at once thing…I like finishing a pair together. It is a complicated pattern, but I am enjoying it, keeps me on my toes. I think that I will do some more scrubbies and facecloths for Christmas gifts, but my next project to start will be a felted bag, it will be weird using big needles again!! I also need to make some socks for Aisling and ballerina slippers for Aine…add to this list all my quilting and stitchery stuff and I need 48 hours in a day!!
Marilinda Sock

Last weekend I decided to make a few birthday presents. I had some insulbrite for ages and so made 6 potholders. Two to replace the sad ones I have (why it took me years to do this I don’t know). I did some green ones for my mom’s kitchen, some purple and turquoise ones to match a tea cozy I knitted for Dave’s mom, and some red ones for me, and just free pieced them with scraps and some pieces that I had in my scrap stash already pieced by other quilters and passed on to me with fabric scraps I got!! I used them as practice for my free motion quilting…I think they are actually a bit too big, so I may have to whip up a few smaller ones next week…
Quilting on Potholders DSCN2098 DSCN2108 Potholders for Maura

I also did a little DIY decorating for the girls room a few weeks back…some dust ruffles for their bed to hide the ugly storage containers I have under there… I used pink scraps, and then put the gorgeous quilts Barbara made them on top.  I like it much better than the Dora and Tinkerbell covers!!
I also got a Betz White covered tape measure kit on Wednesday and whipped this up in record speed…aint it cute!!
Betz White Cupcake Tapemeasure Kit
I also have to say a big THANK YOU to Paula who sent me some great Civil War repro fabrics from Australia, I owe you big and will gather some embroidery goodies to send back in return!!
Fabrics from Paula
I am very excited about a road trip to IKEA up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am going up with the girls for DH’s mom’s birthday tomorrow and DH will be home from his weeklong trip to Barcelona for work (poor guy had to have a sea view at his hotel and visit a winery too!). Sunday he is taking the kids for the day and I am doing a road trip!! I will take my sister in law with me and get some bookshelves, and then just browse and get tons of little bits and pieces too I am sure. We should eventually get an Ikea in Dublin, hopefully next year…

I really hope I don’t take 3 weeks again for my next post. I am going to make an effort to finish the 21 blocks I need for my ocean waves quilt, so maybe next week I’ll have that to show!

I’ll leave you with a quilt I made in action at a teddy picnic… More soon, sooner rather than later, I hope!!