I have seen this on many of the blogs in my reader, and thought I would join in.
Dear Jane on Display at Home
Many of you won’t be surprised that my favorite quilt is my Dear Jane!! I started this quilt in 2005, and did the quilt entirely by hand finishing May 2008, my probably the only one I will ever do this way (I love hand piecing and quilting, but putting on bias binding around a 92 inch square quilt by hand, not so much excitement there…putting hanging sleeves on by hand….snore!!). I didn’t have any civil war era repros when starting this quilt so traded for scraps and was given some by some generous Dear Janers (other fellow insane people making the quilt!), my quilt has fabric that came from the UK, Australia, Canada, all over the US and even South Africa…I love that part of it!
Mommy and Aine Quilting Together
Before doing this quilt I had never hand pieced, appliqued or quilted anything, it was a real learning quilt and you can see the difference in early and later blocks, but they are all in there.
Dear Jane in Bend Outdoor Quilt Show August 15
I had this in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show last year, and it won a Viewer’s Choice award at the Bend Outdoor Quilt Show, my first ever award! My parents live in Bend, Oregon, so hence the international showings. I hope to enter it into some Irish quilt shows and possibly the Birmingham show in the UK, I am proud of it, most of my other quilts are machine made and less than perfect, but this one I took my time on and learned a lot!
Girls Hanging out Under the Newly Marked Scalloped Dear Jane
I even still like hand piecing the Dear Jane blocks and am doing a swap with a friend to give an excuse to make more blocks. I will probably always have some hand pieced quilts in progress, though I think from now on, binding can go on by machine!!

I am preparing some Dear Jane blocks this afternoon in preparation for my  trip tomorrow (always bring hand sewing and some knitting on trips), a week with quilty friends, I can’t wait, and I will take photos of any projects or fun shops we find!