I am going to do this post early, as I went to the doctor on Wednesday about that trapped nerve and they sent me to the ER to rule out scary things like MS. They seem to think that it isn’t neurological so that is a relief, but they admitted me to hospital Wed night and Fri morning I had an MRI. Due to a technical glitch the results won’t be on the system for the doc to read till Monday, so I am home for the day (have to return each night to sleep in hospital to keep bed…) so am home and just wanted to check in and say if anyone can send good vibes, karma, prayers, thoughts, my way I’d really appreciate them, esp on Monday. I will be home for a few more hours tonight and then tomorrow for the day. I really am nervous about what is happening with my numb foot/leg, so hope they can come up with reasons for why it is happening then, preferably something not too scary!!

I hope to be back to my weighins next week, but finding it hard to concentrate at the moment while waiting for results.

Thanks 🙂 Cathi