I lost 1.6 lbs this week when at the beginning of the week I thought I’d be lucky to stay the same.  Now you all know I weigh in on Fridays, so after weigh in I headed off to Wexford for 2 days of retreating and you know I was NOT GOOD over the weekend!! My goal for the next weigh in is to remain the same or only be up a little bit. If I lose this week, it will be a true miracle, but I can always aim to be the best I can for the next few days and you never know…miracles happened throughout the entire month of January!!

Current weight:  180.8 lbs / 12 stone 12.8 lbs / 82 kilo


11 lbs!!!!!!!

I took my first salsa dancing class tonight, and while I really liked the dance steps, when they put it to non-salsa music (pop music) and made the tempo so fast it seemed more like aerobics and less like real salsa dancing…I wasn’t as excited about it as I was before… but it still was fun!

Here’s hoping for some good news next weigh in!