This week I have finished lots of small projects left hanging from Christmas and earlier!!

First off the big ones: 4 red patchwork cushion covers…2 for my own sofa and 2 more requested by my MIL. I am going through my red stash pretty well, but there is still a ton left, though squares will have to be smaller!

Second: Coffee cozy revamp…needed to rip back the binding and cut down the cozies and add some fabric to make them actually cover the whole coffee press! Here is a photo of the second one I finally finished.

Third: I finished this stitchery years ago. I finally added fabric around the stitchery to frame it up in the 8 x 10 inch frame I bought. It looks like a card mat from a distance…will have to hang it in the girls room.

Fourth: This is a quilt that Aine designed. We did it last Christmas, so it is about time that it was finished.

Finally, Fifth: A whipped up a couple of customised onesies/baby vests for a friend of mine who had a baby last month and brought them over and oogled the baby :P!!

I also ripped back the second pink sock I needed to fix, will show the scary pile of yarn I ripped and subsequent slow progress fixing it on a later post. I am also slowly working on my felted bag…not much to show for that really…

Finally…here is the latest digital scrapbooking page I did, showing the girls week and some cute pics…
Week 1 scrapbook

A good productive week of finishes!! I don’t think anything else I have ongoing will be finished this month, but plan on starting on some more of those double sided quilt blocks. Tutorial to follow soon!! I also have a wedding quilt to start and finish by July!! I like finishing stuff, maybe I’ll start another small project just to finish some more!!