I will be keeping a little record of my weight loss on the tab up there.  I plan to weigh in every Friday, but will report on Mondays.  The method to my madness is that our family does Movie Night after school on Fridays, kids get a “junky” meal of their favorite fish fingers and nuggets and tater tot type things, and DH and I get takeaway and we watch high class Barbie and various other movies till 8pm!

Now way back in 2001 I lost 5 stone (aka 70 lbs) here in Ireland on WW, got my gold membership and all, went from 190 to 120 in ten months, eating a takeaway once a week religiously…you gotta have your splurge or life just isn’t fun. I had had two misses trying for babies and figured it was time to get healthy, I was on a mission!! I highly recommend swimming and walking for fitness, they worked great for me. I got to my goal February 2002 and Aine arrived November 2002, wink wink nudge nudge…getting fit really helped!!

WW worked for me, but the meetings in my new area haven’t so I will do it on my own using my online community and DH as my support group 🙂 .

I am who I am and can’t be ashamed of who I am.  I am not happy with my appearance right now, but I am not going to hide it. Here I am in full frontal and side view glory in my kitchen!Before Photo Front View

Before Photo - Side View

Start Weight:  191.8 lbs / 13 stone 10 lbs / 87 kilos Yuck!!
ince I am in Europe, thought I’d post the US / UK / European versions of my horrible weight!)
Height: 5′1″
Waist: 40.5″
Hips: 46″

There is a CardioSalsa class starting in a few weeks, I think I am going to start that…should be fun and I love dancing 🙂

Wish me luck and don’t worry, the update will only be once a week!! Crafty content to follow soon!!!!!