And soon we’ll see France! We are having a nice time so far in Katy’s house. I even managed to get a quilt started and completed for her daughter Olivia’s Birthday! Thanks for letting me raid your scrap basket Katy!! Olivia loves dolphins, so…
Birthday Quilt for Olivia

I also finished another of the ballerina slippers that I will felt. I finished Aislings and they look very sweet, but she has been wearing them and I couldn’t find them to photograph before we left. Here is their size beefore they are felted, it always amuses me!!

I also wanted to show the Halloween stitchery and cute pumpkin we had in the house before we left on holidays…guess I will finally be starting some seasonal decorating!!
Stitchery and Halloween Decorations

We are heading into Central London for some sightseeing with the kids tomorrow and then our adventure starts in Paris. I have learned that the Paris quilting shop Le Rouvray is not far from Notre Dame so I think a small stop might be arranged during our afternoon in Paris. Then it is off to Disney for a few days before coming back to have Halloween in London with Katy and family!! You might see me blog again if I get inspired by Katy’s good habits, but more than likely I’ll be updating after our visit to France.