How does time fly by so quickly? I have only a few weeks here till I leave for Oregon. My two good American friends are moving back to the States permanently the week before I leave, so we are cramming in many kids and mom’s goodbye events (dominos night here on Wednesday: kids off school on Thursday for Lisbon Treaty referendum vote in Ireland, school is the polling station), school trips, sports days, Aisling is having her 4th birthday party Saturday, Dave leaves for Australia for 10 days on Sunday!! I am amazed I am getting any crafting done, but it is my stress reliever. I actually decided to stay home and quilt last night instead of running to catch up with some friends already on their way to see Sex and the City at the movies!! Dave had attended the Irish drinks party/reception for his brother’s wedding, no kids allowed and I wasn’t feeling good Friday, so opted to stay home with kids rather than worry about babysitters up in Dublin for a few hours of partying while I was still feeling fluish… He came home and my friends were already on their way to the movie, I just couldn’t gather enough momentum to rush off to join them…wimp, I know!!

Luckily I am feeling better today, just in time to print out Barbie invitations, run out to toy shops for party bags and goodies, cards and presents, etc etc etc…if I can find the time!!

I have made some good progress on the three baby quilts that have been waiting on a free motion foot. I just winged a flowery vine motif on the muslin sections of the quilt. What do you think? I have two more pretty similar now to complete.

Hollie's Quilt

I have finished the hanging sleeves on the Dear Jane now, so just the label to finalize and print out…that will be quick, so the big stress for the Dear Jane is gone now!!! It will be ready for the Sisters Show.

Not much knitting going on, just working on more ballerina slippers this time for Aine, not very exciting to show, as look like Aisling’s only slightly bigger.

I need to finish up my ALQS quilt, which is no longer going to be hand quilted, no time to do it! And my DJ wallhanging giveaway quilt, which is nearly done hand quilting… that should keep me plenty busy till we leave!

Mom is not doing well at the moment, the “easier” chemo treatments that we suppose to have less side effects, have a very bad effect on her, very bad nerve pain.  She has also become anemic, so any thoughts or prayers to keep her going and to get her through this chemo would be great. Hopefully the docs will have some better pain meds ready for her next treatment tomorrow. If you want to and you have a chance, say hello to her at her blog, Cancer Warrior. To everyone who has sent her a card and gave her your support, thank you so much, it means a lot to her and to me.

Let me leave you with a lovely view from the home of Hollie, of the quilt. If you take the road we live on and follow it up the “mountain/hill” we live on the bottom of, you see lovely views like this!
View From Joan's House