to me!! LOL, I meant to post about my lovely day on Tuesday, but time got away from me, and my kids busy social life! We’ve had lots of kids over playing this week during our Easter holidays. Tomorrow we are going out to someone else for a change of scenery. But to still be in my pajamas today now at 10:30 11:30 is pretty nice!

We had a nice easter weekend as well. Went to Sherry‘s for a party and egg hunt, here are a few photos of the hunt and Sherry’s place, check out the great views!! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet Anne Marie up there and that I’ll miss the expat quilters Saturday this weekend, just can’t do a 6 hour (3hr each way to her place) road trip this time when I’m leaving on Wednesday! I totally want to go though, have a great time guys!
Easter Egg Hunt at Sherry's

The girls also had a visit from the Easter Bunny for an egg hunt at Nana’s house. Here is a picture of that egg hunt!
Easter Bunny Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday

I’m nearing the 40 mark these days, but still a few years short (38 this year) so anytime anyone remembers my birthday it makes my day. Got a lovely early call from Barbara, my friend Sandra back in Waterford, a great afternoon visit and gifties from my friend Kathleen here…was just nice! Look at the package of taupes Barbara sent me, she decided she doesn’t like them anymore and asked if I wanted them, uh……YEAH!!! I will be getting a few bits for here in America in trade for them!
Yummy Taupes from Barbara

Look at the wonderful package Kathleen brought over. She knows me so well, a great book, a DVD based on a book we read in book club that I liked, candle for bathtimes and some cream…and she brought me a Banoffi Pie, my favorite dessert at the moment. The funny thing is I had just bought myself the same exact thing an hour earlier as my birthday treat for myself. Luckily she stayed here to help me eat some! Dave brought home some yummy Thai for dinner, nice!!
Birthday Pressies from Kathleen

On Friday night I designed a layout and traced a pillow for mom using Lynette Anderson’s stitcheries from her Angel’s Wish book. I stitched away on it Saturday and on Easter Sunday in between parties, egg hunts and trips to play areas with cousins up in Dublin, and got it finished on Monday. I hope she likes it!
Lynette Anderson Stitchery Pillow for Mom

I had a knitting miracle occur yesterday as well, lol! I had gone into Limerick to buy some 4.5mm double pointed needles to make mom’s last hat out of my Noro Silk Garden, the knitting shop was closed for Good Friday. I figured I would have to make another special trip to buy them or get them in the States if I wanted to get it finished before the end of my trip. Well, while cleaning out a drawer in my sewing room, I found the exact DPNs I needed, which I bought two Christmases ago at the start of my sock knitting career….woo hoo! Now I can start and no extra errands to run!

So…now that the Dear Jane quilting is done, I’ve got 3 projects going: mom’s hat is started as of last night, I took down my Dear Jane wallhanging to put on the quilting hoop (I was missing hand quilting!), and I have a redwork cross stitch sampler I am working on that I got last year in Birmingham… Gotta keep doing something, lol. The Dear Jane is taking a little rest now till I get back from the States.
Catherine Archer's Bristol Sampler

Mom is getting nervous about the chemo starting on Monday, and I hope she will be okay. Thanks everyone for all the support since this happened. I am looking forward to helping out whatever way they need me to, and giving lots of hugs!