New Haircut for me!

After being lazy for several years and wearing my hear in a shapeless long mass, I got my hair cut last Saturday! Note how I made it a bit of a quilty photo with my applecore wallhanging and my quilt I won in a charity Ebay auction by Debbie Mumm herself!

I am worn out this week. My husand has been travelling to different places the last two weeks, and that little devil Aisling has woken at 5am the last 2 days!! I am ready for a little me time for mommy and am heading off with a few friends on Saturday for a day of shopping up in Dublin! Just wish my friends liked quilting and that there were quilt shops to visit!

I’d love to say that I’ve gotten my groove back for crafting, but I am only managing little snippets of crafting each day. Mom’s 3rd of 4 planned caps is underway, but here is a photo of her second one: the “No Hair Day” chemo cap. For some reason Aine is modeling it with a lollipop.
Aine Wearing Nana's

I have 3 more pieced triangles to quilt and some more of the plain tris and then I will be done my Dear Jane quilting…I think I am subconsciously dragging my feet on the quilt, not wanting it to end. Or maybe I am really just afraid of doing the scallops!! I really want to do some small projects over the weekend. Some pot holders, as mine are falling apart, and the start of my bag for a bag swap! I will get my crafting mojo back!

Tomorrow starts our 2 week Easter holidays here, but the girls are going to an Easter camp the first week, arts and crafts and fun! Here is a gratuitous photo of Aine in her “movie star” getup, she was singing the blues! Keep your fingers crossed for me to get my groove back on, lol, and please stick with me a little longer, I promise more quilty crafty content soon!
Movie Star Aine Singing the Blues