It is a miracle! I was a nervous wreck as I drove around our local big town in Tipperary, Nenagh, but I managed to do it! I got a certificate and everything, which I get to exchange for a real driving license! At the moment, Ireland lets you drive on a learner’s permit for a long time, but the laws will change in July and I wanted to finally (after 11 years here!) get my full license… I was ready to sign up for more lessons I was sure I had failed! I nearly kissed my tester, he was so nice (amazing!) I clipped a curb on a tight corner and figured that was it, and he told me don’t worry, he judges driving over the half hour, not just one thing… So nice! He marked me down on certain things, but not enough to fail, amazing!! Can you tell I’m still in shock!!! Of course all this is tempered by a dent I got for the car while practicing the hour before: an elderly gentleman came the wrong way up a one way street and by trying to avoid him, I scraped a pole on the edge of the street…DH will not be happy, I thought it was a scratch, but it is a dent as well…DH is gallivanting around Europe for work till Thursday, but man I feel guilty about the dent…next time I’ll let the person in the wrong scrape his car to get by!

NOW…back to some crafty stuff again in the next few days! I can concentrate on other things again!! I have my patchwork group again tomorrow morning, so will bring my Dear Jane along to work on the quilting. I’m itching to work on something new, and have a bag swap to work on…maybe will get something organized about that soon. I would also love to get my ocean waves done soon… Back to work!!!!

I feel so honored, I have been tagged by amazing quilt designer Pat Sloan to do the 7 things meme, that just made my day as I received her email right before leaving for my test. I met her when she lead a quilting group around Ireland last year. Hope to meet up with her again this year!

Here are the rules:

  1. When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Write 7 things about yourself.
  4. Name 7 of your favorite bloggers.
  5. Send e-mail letting those bloggers know they have been tagged.
  1. I am extremely nervous during formal tests, lol, like the driving test…
  2. I drink Diet Coke like others would have tea or coffee, bad I know, will try to change!
  3. I have struggled with weight since university. I lost 70lbs on Weight Watchers in 2001, got pregnant with Aine the week I reached my goal… got down to 120 after Aisling was born, but then let myself gain weight ever since…always a struggle for me! I don’t plan on getting to 120 again, but 130 would be great (I’m 5’1″)
  4. I am usually a book snob, prefering book club type modern books and classics, lol, but since I started watching the TV series Bones, I’ve enjoyed Kathy Reichs novels and have been collecting them at the charity shops I visit! I have always liked anthropology and archaelogy.
  5. I stay up too late and get up too early, lol, guess that is why I get things done! I do well on about 7 hours sleep, sometimes less!
  6. I am not a great cook on some levels. Or maybe I should say, I am not a relaxed cook. When I organize myself my cooking turns out fine, but with kids it is hard to get a balance of interesting recipes…I keep to my standbys…I love to bake though, lol, not good for the waistline (see weight issue above, hee hee)
  7. I am a gadget girl. My mobile is out of commission right now and I am waiting for a mobile smartphone, it can play movies, mp3s and be a phone…and it syncs to my Outlook tasks and calendars and contacts, which I use daily… a few more days and I will get back in action. Us mommy’s here use a lot of texting to organize play dates and mommy play dates, and I keep getting asked this week if I am getting the text for different coffee mornings…nope!

I am not going to tag anyone this time, but anyone who wants to play along, let me know, I’d love to hear more about you!