It has been a very bad week here for me. I’m letting all the pressures of life around me get to me, and this trip away from home is just what the doctor ordered!!

I am going to do an Irish driving exam on March 4, after 20 years of bad habits on a US license I am back to making sure to check all three mirrors every 8 seconds in a pronounced way for the tester, checking mirrors before signalling (I always signal first and then check mirrors, so hard to break that habit!) and then just trying to remember all the little things and not getting flustered while doing them…eek!! I am a good driver, haven’t claimed on insurance so far in my 20 years of driving (knocking on wood very loudly right now!!) but man, I am fairly sure I will be failing this driving test with sheer nervousness and inability to teach an old momma new tricks… I went for a driving lesson on Tuesday, the day mom went in for her mastectomy…we had dense fog with low visibility… I was a nervous wreck and had to pull over… Was explaining the day to my instructor and started crying, then he started crying as his dad is unwell at the moment…what a sight we must have been on the side of the road, LOL. DH’s work was nearby and he came out right away and gave me a cuddle and calmed me down… I was really letting this test get to me, maybe to keep my mind off of being so far from home when mom is fighting a pretty scary and lonely battle, good prognosis or not, I hate being so far away!! But…she made it through her operation just fine and though she is in pain still, is getting better.

So…I cried again that same day when so many of the local momma’s offered to take my girls home after school times so I could go to visit my parents during mom’s chemo treatments…I may just be taking them up on it all! Dave would not have to take any time off, just miss a few hours in the morning…

I had a really monster cold up till yesterday which makes everything look worse and colors it all, so I am happy to say that is going away, and a friend of mine is driving me to the airport today, such luxury!! I’m even treating myself to a taxi ride home from the airport late Sunday, relaxing all the way!

I should have some goodies to show on Monday, hope to buy the binding for my Dear Jane and some more repros for a few swaps, plus we’ll hit the charity shops tomorrow, always a fun hunt!

Last weekend at Waterford was great, aside from bringing home a hideous cold, lol. Got to visit 3 very good friends and their families and the kids had great plays with their friends. Aine got chased and kissed by her friend Conor, lol, it really freaked her out, but she looks pretty happy in this photo…or maybe that is fear!

Kissing Boy Ann and the kids

I’ll end this post with an extremely generous gift I’ve received from Karol Ann from South Africa. Look at the beautiful indigos I’ve received. No excuses now, I have a wonderful collection of SA indigo fabrics, it is time to make a quilt this year!!

Gorgeous Indigos from Karol Ann