Bird in our Willow Tree
Over the last few days I’ve done no knitting and just a bit of quilting, but have enjoyed the days with the girls and evenings with DH, and I’ve taken a few photos of our life which I hope you won’t find too boring!!

We had Valentine’s Day and today with the kids off from school. Got a nice card from DH but he is pretty atrocious with the gifts and being romantic, but he did forewarn me before marriage, so I guess I should know it is impossible to train someone as stubborn as him!! But he still likes just talking and hanging out with me, so there is something romantic about that after 13 years of marriage I guess!!

I planned an activity for the girls in the morning: making pink heart valentine’s cookies! You see, we are going back to my old neighborhood in Waterford where we lived until Autumn 2006. We will visit friends, and Aine will see her best buddy Conor. Those that have followed my blog from its start as Crazed Quilter on blogspot will probably recall him as an weekly visitor to our house and often in our daily life photos! Aine is crazy with excitement about the trip and I must be too, as I couldn’t go back to sleep after 5:30am wakeup!! Aine decorated some cookies to bring to her best buddy and his family! Aisling and I helped make them 🙂
Making our pink valentines cookies
Cookies decorated by Aine

I also managed to finish the third border on my Dear Jane.
three borders and center quilted

We had a lovely sunny day yesterday, so I managed to put out some washing and get it dried outside for the first time all winter! Here is that Aine she is everywhere, behind her is the washing line and the cute daffodil Aisling grew at playschool!
Smiling Aine

Because I arranged an activity for the morning, Aine decided we needed an afternoon activity and layed out dozens of sheets of paper with some post it note hearts I’d given the girls as a pressie in the morning and layed pencils or crayons beside each sheet!

Our neighbors are cutting down all their lovely trees, which is a shame, but we get a benefit for a while before new houses are built on the land: a lovely view from our back garden of the Clare hills across the River Shannon! No river view from our house, but had to capture this sunset photo. Looks better in real life though!
Sunset and a new view of the Clare hills

Well, time to get moving: have to pack some clothes and get some food organized. I have my applique work for a handbag and one of mom’s chemo caps in my project bag to bring along, can’t go without some handwork if I get the chance, but I have a feeling there will be lots of chatting with my 2 good friends tonight in Waterford, and just a little bit of drink??

Have a great weekend! We are starting ours early today!!