Thread Holder Pincushion

I don’t feel as if I have a lot to show these weeks, as I continue along quilting my dear jane and a few inches of knitting on a cap…but I did manage to make this nice pincushion/thread holder this weekend with Barbara‘s help. I am finding it great getting a few small projects done while continuing on with the big job of hand quilting the DJ. I love having the quilting threads on the pincushion, it will be great for my handwork.

Nana's First Hat
I also finished mom’s first chemo cap, Aine is sporting a serious look here and has the floppy brim flipped up, but I love the colors of this yarn. Hope mom likes it!! She is still waiting for her second operation. The mastectomy is scheduled for next week, then recovery, then chemo starts. Still wish I could be there for hugs.

Had my first parent teacher meeting last week and Aine seems to be in the popular clique in school, but is too “soft” as the teacher says, she gets upset if she can’t be the one to be next to her two favorite girls in the clique. How do you explain to a happy affectionate girl that she has to tone down her clingyness or risk losing her favorite friends. I can already see how one of her friends stiffens when she hugs her all the time. Luckily this little girl is very kind and still loves Aine, but I can see her patience running out, girls can be unkind sometimes and Aine wears her heart on her sleeve.  Teacher says she is doing great with school work and sometimes wonders how she knows some of the facts she knows for such a young girl… her speech is improving as well (had her assessed for therapy and didn’t need weekly meetings, but just to work on certain sounds together).

Life with 2 small kids is constantly busy, but often not hugely “blogworthy”. I sometimes feel like I shouldn’t post till I have a few projects to show, so I hope you’ll forgive me if a weekly post is the most I manage for a while? I am nearly done my 3rd border on the DJ and just realized I have to go searching soon online for fabric for the blue fabric for the binding!! How the heck will I make such a huge amound of bias binding?

Oh…I do have some fun news to share! I am going to visit Katy for the weekend next week. Love the cheap airfares in Europe!! I will be seeing the Tutankhamun and Terra Cotta Warrior exhibits in London next Friday and then a day of quilt and thrift shopping Saturday, then home late to Ireland on Sunday, after a bit of a sewing bee!