Some of the border I finished quilting...

32 comments last week, you are all wonderful with your support and encouragement and prayers for mom and our family. She is still getting all the information gathered… Her MRI says that there is no cancer in any other part of her body, but that their might be one lymph node involved with the cancer, so they are looking into that before a definite course of action is decided. We are all getting used to the idea, and it looks like our trip to Australia might be cancelled so that grandma can get some grandkid therapy this summer. So…my plans for bringing my Dear Jane to Sisters this year, could be back on…we’ll see in the next month or two before we make solid plans!

I have finished quilting one of the triangle borders this week, well all the pieced triangles anyway…I am starting to work on the plain tris with a simple quilting pattern. I figured anything complicated would be totally lost on this design intense quilt. What do you think?
Quilting on the Plain Dear Jane Triangles

I managed to swim 35 lengths or more 3 times this week, and got one walk in. I started Weight Watchers on Wednesday, very depressing amount on that scale, but hope to see it go down soon. Will try to organize a WW page here on the blog soon, along with catching up on my Finished projects, Book list…geesh I have a lot to do!

I finished Dave’s slippers and felted them…they are a bit misshapen, but they fit him just fine. I knitted it double stranded so the slippers are more like fraternal twins rather than identical with their patterning…one is more striped and the other more mottled…eek!!
Dave sporting his felted slippers...

make-my-day.jpg Ruth tagged me with a lovely award, the You Make My Day award. I have to say, it does make my day to receive these kinds of awards that go around blogland. I love to know that people out there enjoy reading my blog!! I’ve seen this award go around many of the blogs I read several times over, but there are a few out there that I enjoy reading that haven’t received it yet, so I’ll focus on those ones, but with 178 feeds on my Bloglines, I enjoy many many blogs out there and appreciate every comment that I get. Thank you so much everyone for being such a wonderfully supportive community!

Here are a few favorites of mine, hope you take the award and pass it around to other blog friends that make your day!