Yesterday was a day alright.

 It started like this:

Ireland doesn’t get snow very often, and this snow was gone by noon, followed by torrential rain, followed by blinding sun by 1pm. Aine and I made a snow queen and had a snowball fight. We seized the day and had some snowy fun, it might be the last time here for a year or 2!!?? Afterwards, we came in for a nice cup of hot dodo, as Aisling calls it (better known as hot cocoa/chocolate to you and me!) Here is our queen followed by her demise just a few hours later…
DSCF2552 Poor Snow Queen

In the afternoon we went to see Enchanted with some friends. Very cute movie.

In the evening, I got some not so nice news. My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a small lump, and they will fight first with radiation and lumpectomy, but it caught us all by surprise. I’d appreciate any good thoughts or prayers you could send her way.

Now just to end on a positive note, here is one of the babies who recently received some of my crafting work, 2 little onesies/baby vests:
Catherine Mary Moses Basket
The babies name is Catherine Mary, what a great name, lol! (mine is Catherine Marie, lol) She was named after her grandmother and great grandmother, but I like to think she was named after me, hee hee! I loaned Catherine’s mommy the moses basket I made before Aine was born. I love to see it being used by other friends and family! I really need to get back into basket making, I haven’t done it since I finished this basket.

I was really thrown for a loop with mom’s news yesterday, but now 24 hours on, it sounds bad, but not as bad as I was imagining yesterday. So many people survive breast cancer, but it is never easy to go through, I am sure.