Sandra's Teddy
Got a few things finished today! Figured I was on a roll with blog posting and with crafting, so I’d keep going.  Here is the bear I made for a friend from her mother’s robe and a skirt for the bow. I’ve had the clothes since last year and am glad I finally focused on it and got it done. I hope she’ll be able to squeeze this squishy bear and get some comfort from the fabrics she saw her mom in.

Finished First Slipper!Dave’s first slipper is done now as well…will get started on its mate tomorrow, but won’t felt them till I have both, so they shrink evenly.

I have a partner in crime for Weight Watchers here next week, that should help me stay motivated, I hope! I stood on the scale yesterday, I was sad to see that my weight wasn’t even 175, but 181.6, I have a long road ahead of me.

I haven’t finished my DJ triangle for today. I need to get a good rhythm with it going if I want the time to get the quilt finished. I think it will take more time than I think rather than less, so want to keep ahead of the curve. Guess my focus tomorrow will be to get caught up on my quilting. Too tired to do any more tonight!