I should have done a new post ages ago, but was just busy with everyday life, and Christmas card writing!!

I need to leave for the airport in 6 hours, but can’t sleep, so thought I’d do this post I have been meaning to do for a day or two.

Take a look at Aine using some of my finished crafting for her play. Poor snoopy is in the hospital with a compress on her head using one of my scrubbies, lol! That quilt is an I Spy quilt I made her for her 2nd birthday.
Snoopy under the weather

This is a photo of the card she made Dave for this 40th birthday. I love the way she decided to put 40 on her card, like another one he received! His party was nice, lots of family and the boys went out for some pints!
Dad's Bday Card

I finally finished my mom’s present. Click here if you are not my mom to see it, lol, and if you want to see what you are getting, you can peek too mom, lol!! I am happy with the way it turned out. A lovely patchworking friend here made my mom a lovely thing as well, click here to see her generous gift for me to pass on to my mom.

I am packed, but just loading up my super cool mobile phone with a movie and some MP3s for the airplane. I have a book, Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards, and I have some MORE Dear Jane blocks prepared for my swap with Kate!
DJ blocks prepped
I hope that will keep my busy in between sleeping and layover times. I’ll be in London tomorrow afternoon and San Francisco tomorrow afternoon 8 hours later, lol! I’ll be nearly 24 hours in transit, so wish me luck! And a good sleep on the London San Fran flight!

I might get a chance to blog in Oregon, I hope so, but if I don’t, I’m probably running around on a shoppers high or playing dominos with my folks! I am going to miss my girls, but it will be fun to be home again and recharge  my batteries!