Happy Thanksgiving
We had a really lovely meal with two other American couples yesterday, our American Thanksgiving away from home. We all have two daughters each, so there were six girls running around here yesterday!
The Girls at Thanksgiving!
My mom came through with some jellied cranberry sauce posted from the States, and one friend brought the American standby of Green Bean Casserole, complete with imported crispy onion thingies on top, lol! Another did sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and I made American style biscuits…a little touch of home! We also taught them a game we love to play when we are back home: Mexican Train Dominoes!! I think we might have made a few converts??!! If I have space in the suitcase, I’ll be bringing a few copies home!

I am thankful to have made some really good friends so quickly after moving here. These same ladies are in the book club and knitting group and really helped bring me into their community they had already developed here, as they were here a few years ahead of me! The kids get along great. We will really miss them when they head back next summer when their 3 year contracts are done. Maybe Sherry and I can take over the American tradition in Ireland in years to come? Now that Aine knows about Thanksgiving, I have a feeling we will be celebrating it yearly! Some years I actually haven’t celebrated it here in Ireland, as I am not a huge turkey fan and a big meal for 2 people and 2 babies wasn’t a strong priority!

Another thing I am thankful for this week is some finishes!! And here is the big one!!!


All Done the Squares!!!!!

I will keep the quilt on the frame for another week or so and quilt a few triangles. When I am done with the bottom row that I can reach, I think I will hand quilt the rest of the triangles on a hoop. The other triangle borders are impossible to quilt on the frame as the quilt is too wide! Am trying to decide whether to take it to Oregon or not, in my carryon of course!!

I’ve also got 7 bath scrubbies done and one more nearly there. I hope to give these to the girls’ teachers, my mom, MIL, and a few friends for Christmas. I might make some more of these if I get any takers for the pay it forward swap! So far, no one that commented is available to join in!! Anyone out there want to join in?

My dad’s Bend mountain quilt is now done with binding and hanging sleeve on. It is 60 inches wide, so can’t get it all in this photo, but will look good over their big mantel.

Dad's Three Sisters and Brokentop Wallhanging

Girls are in school at the moment, so am going to take some time to start quilting on the triangles! Cleaning…that can wait till later!! My cold isn’t gone but is much better. Thank you so much for all the get well soon messages!