Tree Skirt Quilting
Help! Not just anybody…someone that can save my sanity and help me figure out what is wrong with my free motion quilting on my home machine!!! It is a Pfaff Hobby and I have a free motion foot for it… The stitches keep skipping, but the tension seems to be okay…the stitches look fine on both sides, when it is not skipping an inch or so before continuing on again… It is so frustrating! I have changed the needles, the bobbins, cleaned it, changed thread…it goes fine for a bit and then skips again. Will I have to bring it in for a service? When I do regular sewing/piecing it is just fine, it only skips when I use the free motion. I am trying to quilt my Christmas tree skirt and just don’t know what to do. I am scaring our local patchwork ladies, lol. They consider me some what of a quilting expert and gadget guru, and don’t like to see me stumped, lol!!

On a cheerier note, I got these lovely cards last week as a thank you for some of the patterns I gave away! Thanks very much blogless Kate, they are gorgeous!!
Notecards from Kate

My Dear Jane is coming along well…I am one block away from the last row!!! I should be done all the square blocks in the next few weeks and then have the triangles to start!! Here is a photo of my latest blocks quilted.
DJ Quilting Progress

I have my mom’s present to sew and I have my dad’s quilt waiting to be quilted too, I need to sort out this sewing machine and soon!!!

I am actually always knitting, believe it or not.  But at the moment, it is the bath scrubbies and striped funky tea cosy for Dave’s mom… I am using that photo as a guide, as the instructions were ridiculous…it is obviously stockinette stitch in the photo, yet the pattern has no purl rows… I am doing just stripes all the way up!
Tea Cozy

Not many photos of the girls taken this week, but here is a funny one I found when trying to climb the stairs with laundry one day. The girls were putting on a “Barbie Show” these were members of the audience, LOL!!

Dave has been away all week and I have a scary schedule till Christmas, so things have been hectic and not as much done as I’d like. I’ve got Aine’s birthday in a little over a week, then our American Thanksgiving here with 2 other families the next Sunday, then DH’s 40th birthday the next weekend, then a trip to Oregon the next week… That brings me to the week before Christmas. I am tired just thinking about it! HELP!!!