I somehow let the week go by without a post.  The girls have had a busy social life!! Lots of running around and visiting friends. Mommy got a night out for quilting and for book club, so I didn’t do too badly either!!

Aine loved the work I was doing on my dad’s mountain quilt, and asked if we could make her a picture quilt. It somehow developed into a Christmas quilt. She drew this Christmas tree and we came up with this quilt over the weekend! Like Dad’s quilt, I have to sew the edges of the pieces before we do any quilting.
Aine's Christmas Tree DrawingAine's Christmas QuiltStocking

Years ago I made our Christmas Stockings using 2.5 inch squares of homespun with our names embroidered on them. I’ve finally sewed together 144 4 patches of homespun and then cut it into a circle ( I am sure there was a more efficient way of doing it, but I hate math, and will use the cut-offs to make ornaments!) this will be our matching Christmas tree skirt this year… Took about 3 years of sporadic work, but finally can cross that project off my list, once it is layered and quilted!!
Christmas Tree Skirt

I had to slow down my pace on my Dear Jane last week, did one a day instead of the 2 a day I did for a few weeks. So I am down to 2.5 rows of squares left. I still find it enjoyable to sit down during the day and quilt a square, and hope I do for a long time! I really hope to have a quilt on the frame all the time…. But maybe my next quilt won’t be mostly stab stitched!
More Dear Jane Quiltng

I have two people to thank for wonderful gifts! The first is Karol Ann. I won this gorgeous African bag and keychain from her, and it has big plans as our library book bag.Tote Bag

The girls are over the moon with a “just because” gift from a lovely woman who reads my blog and saw the girls pony lina last week. They love the My Little Pony fabric, which has been divided in half already so they could each have their own piece. Quilters are wonderful people.Pony Fabric Gift!

Just had to add: If you look behind Aine’s fabric she has a Halloween sticker on her uniform. She apparently got that sticker from the other kindergarten teacher for being nice to a friend during recess. Aine was playing a game with some girls and they wouldn’t let another girl play and Aine thought that was mean and went to play with the other girl. I guess the teacher saw her do this and gave Aine a sticker, a milchon (Irish for sweet/candy) and had the whole class give her a round of applause (some big Irish word I don’t remember…that kid knows a ton already!!).  I guess they do this at the end of the day to reward different kids for good behavior… I’m just so proud of her!!