I kept meaning to do a blog post for days, but we’ve been busy, I’ve been lazy…it just gets away! But I can’t wait any longer, I have photos piling up I want to share! Today is crazy…it consisted of the usual hectic morning rush and drop offs for school, coffee with some friends this morning (I know difficult, but someone has to do it right!!??), now a bit of a break, some blog writing and toilet cleaning (my personal favorite, not!), and then in an hour, I have volunteered to take 3 of Aine’s friends home with me to play for a few hours! Am I nuts? Apparently so!! After the girls have their play, there is the usual dinner prep, then a lovely patchwork meeting tonight. Can’t wait for that!!

Thank You Kristin!Aisling's New Necklace
First and foremost I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Kristen. I sent her a little package last month and she has unnecessarily and very kindly sent me a package back! Inside is some excellent Socks that Rock yarn and a local Oregon sock yarn (to add to my growing sock yarn collection below, up to 24 pairs there now, don’t think I should get any more for a while!) some great blue and white nickel squares, and some cute holiday prints! Thank you very much Kristin for the generous package! Note that the Socks That Rock yarn has been ummm….tampered with by a certain 3 year old that loves the “rainbow yarn”. Check out the necklace she is wearing here, Kristin, it is one of the tags you had on the gifties…now her golden medal apparently!

Lots of Sock Yarn!

I was going to do a blog about taking stock…of the insane amount of sock wool I have, yes, but also about how lucky I am to have two great imaginative little girls and such a beautiful place to live.

We did a nature walk this weekend to find autumn things for Aine’s nature table at school. The girls had a lot of fun going through the woods finding mushrooms, leaves, rose hips, moss…
Nature WalkStone Bridge in Garykennedy Woods It is a beautiful wooded walk in Garykennedy just down the road.

And look at the view on the way to Garykennedy. This is also the view I have on my way to my big grocery store I use in Nenagh, a larger town nearby…tough huh? This is Lough Derg which is what the Shannon widens into just above Killaloe/Ballina, our town.
View on My Way to the Grocery Store!

Look at this cute little project Aine came up with on her own…using cut pieces of paper she made a castle with a tower and look who is in the tower…hint: she has really long hair!… Rapunzel, lol. I cut the cello tape for her, that was the extent of my help.
Aine's Castle Project

Here is another typical daily shot: PONIES!! They love their ponies… here the ponies are standing in a “lina”, the Irish word for line. Aine has to get into her “lina” for her class in the school yard in the morning, so ponies are in their “lina” here!
Pony Lina

Anyway…I have 3 rows of square left now on my Dear Jane (lots of tris to do though!), and have been working on another project that I can’t show yet. I am also slowly making progress on a Christmas tree skirt made with homespun 4 patches, might even be able to take some photos of progress next time! Just wanted to say hello again before the week got away from me.

 Well… I’ve passed the time pretty quickly…time for a quick tidy and I’m off to pick up 4 girls from school and walk 5 back up the hill…should try to get a photo of this, lol, but might get some strange looks from the other moms… “but I just needed to take it for my blog”…don’t think they’d understand, lol!!