It has been an interesting week for me that has made me learn a lot about myself… My daughter Aine is adjusting to school, telling me sadly of little girls who are no longer her friends. “So and so isn’t my friend anymore, she is so and so’s friend.”  She somehow makes it through each day though, lol, and finds new friends. …And she’s made it successfully though her first marathon party weekend as well…  I think I feel it more than she does. I want her to “belong” have a group of friends, but it will have to come in time and she is obviously doing just fine…

But it got me to thinking about my own life, both in real life and blogging…and how much I struggle between just being my quirky crafty slightly hippy self and wanting to fit in with all the other mothers in the school yard, and here, how I love to have people subscribe to my blog, visit my blog and comment! I want to fit in and belong, be one of these people that can naturally chat away and be always interesting… But no one is interesting all the time!

With my blog, I feel that I have bigger projects and can’t really blog all the time about them without boring any readers that stop by: “Hey, here is one more DJ block quilted or ocean waves block pieced” in between playing My Little Ponies and helping Aine write her alphabet (things we did today!). I started thinking, maybe I should be doing giveaways (which I plan on doing in a minute, lol, so stay tuned!!) or other things to get people to stop by and say hello… I love getting comments and had a quiet week last week, and started to be silly about it, worrying why people weren’t commenting. But I finally reminded myself that I started this blog to share my projects and I have met some wonderful people many who I consider great friends now, done some wonderful swaps, sent out and received nice packages “just because”… So I have decided to just keep my conversation going and hope that people continue to stop by and say hello. I really need to do a 12 step program on stopping checking my stats, I find it so addicting to look at where people are coming from and how many folks are stopping by! Anybody else find it too addictive??

But maybe I can get more people to comment in a totally blatant fashion: a giveaway!! Sadly, I got little interest in my patterns or magazines for swapping, but how about a giveaway?? There are lots of things on the post below, knitting, quilting magazines from the UK/Europe, a number of patterns (the Father Christmas one is claimed for Katy!) How about if you name it, you claim it? First come first serve…if you want a few patterns or magazines, just let me know…I hope they go to a good home!!

On a totally different note, I made it to 100!! Not posts, but Dear Jane blocks quilted!! I am moving along, hoping to get the quilt finished for next year’s Birmingham Festival of Quilts, since I won’t be going to Oregon next summer for the Sisters Outdoor show like I had originally planned….Australia bound now instead, woo hoo!!
Dear Jane quilting...again!

I have also started on my dad’s quilt. Bend Oregonian folk might recognize these mountains on their skyline! I will add some trees and land in the foreground to make this a quilt for my folks to put over their fireplace.  It is way out of my style, I don’t do much machine applique or use batiks, but it is a great learning experience so far… the mountains are padded with batting and hand appliqued, but the rest will be machine done with fusible web. This quilt is about 60 inches wide, 20 inches tall!
Start of the Bend Quilt!

If you made it this far, thank you so much for sticking with me and reading, and please come back again soon!!