Momma’s sick room, originally uploaded by Cathi O’Neill.

Hello from the land of germs! The girls wanted to play outside while I sniffled and shivered, so I set up camp on the deck with laptop, quilt, kleenex and stitchery project yesterday… The lovely string quilt was a housewarming gift from Katy. Thank you very much, by the way, to those of you who joined me in sending a few little cyber hugs her way.

I don’t have a lot of blogworthy shots done for the week, again just small progress on ocean waves blocks (4 done) a christmas tree skirt 4 patch (chain sewing them into pairs now) my DJ quilting (up to 85 or so now) and my secret stitcheries (one done and gifted, the other nicely underway…).

While feeling miserable yesterday I spent a lot of time following one link to another for some wonderful Australian quilting and stitching blogs. There seems to be a wonderful community of stitchers and patchworkers there! I wanted to see what shops I might be able to visit while there, and saw several people doing Dear Jane quilts and designing wonderful stitcheries, lots of creativity. Check some of these great blogs out: Leanne’s House, Melly and Me, Gail Pan Designs, and Wildcraft Farms….there are so many more wonderful ones out there, I spent hours looking through them, starting to dream of a lovely trip of sightseeing and quilt shopping. Probably won’t have time for any classes or retreats, but I hope to make it to a few shops and buy at least a few Aussie designed patterns to remember my trip. Sigh. A perfect way to spend a low energy day as a golf widow (DH came home late after a golf outing with his work colleagues, needless to say, today he is main food giver, fight moderator, and question answerer!!).