Swans and Ducks on Lough Derg, originally uploaded by Cathi O’Neill.

I think many of you that read my blog, read my friend Katy/Kate’s blog ( I’ve called her Katy for 20 years, it is too hard to change!!) and have probably seen that she got bad news early yesterday morning. Her father passed away at 65 quite suddenly. She will have a very emotional and hectic next few weeks, and I’d love to do something for her. When lovely Lucy‘s dad passed away, many of us sent her some of her favorite fabrics to let her know we were thinking of her and giving her a hug from across the distances… I’d love to do the same thing for Katy and plan to package up some goodies to send to her. She loves doing hand dyed fabrics, batiks and african fabrics, postcards, inchies, and her new thing she is trying is push molds and using sculpey and fimo… I plan to get together a little goodie bag to send to her with items for embellishing, maybe a few bits of sculpey…things that I can find here in Ireland, and some bits from my crazy quilting stash and bits of fun wool… Anyone else want to join me? Please leave a comment for me, or send an email to catherineoneill at carrigeen (dot) net and I can send her address out to you.

The photo here is one I took a few miles from our house, where the Shannon River widens out into a lake, Lough Derg… The girls had a great time feeding the ducks and swans. Makes you stop and appreciate the beauty all around you when you hear news like I did today. Gorgeous girls, sunny day and beautiful lake… I have to remember never to take any minute of the day for granted, like my few hours of silence this Monday morning before I hear about the exciting mornings my girls spent at school.

Have a wonderful day…