Finished Pomatomus Socks, originally uploaded by Cathi O’Neill.

Boy I wish I could be like Katy when I grow up. She has using small snippets of time down to an art form. When they visited last week, she managed to blog and upload photos nearly every day, while I kind of wandered through the house aimlessly… She cooked several meals for me, bless her, I only did one of the four that we had at home!! She made me a quilt as well… What was I doing during all this? Probably not much! Getting more organized, definitely one of my goals!!

I did get some chances for sock knitting in the car on a few long road trips with the troops. Look my Pomatomus socks are done and I LOVE THEM!! They fit!! I did them shorter than the pattern (did 2 instead of 3 repeats of the pattern. They are so warm and comfy.

Katy and I decided to do an informal block swap of Dear Jane blocks using some purple Civil War repro fabrics she bought from a friend clearing out her stash. She kindly shared them with me, so woo hoo again, more repro fabric, gotta love it. We will each do 2 of the same block and keep one and send the other with no deadline for doing it…just alternating turns. I like the low stress swapping!!

Fabrics for our Dear Jane Swap

I have been very remiss in thanking a few cool bloggers for some lovely packages I got last week! My Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap partner sent me an awesome package! All kinds of sock yarn: Knitpicks, Esprit, more yummy Trekking, and Mountain Colors Bearfoot, it all looks wonderful. There were some postcards and a map from Philly, but no cheesesteaks, guess those don’t travel well! I got a calendar, a cool quilters recipe book. She went above and beyond, thank you so much Bev!!

Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap Package

Quilting Video from HanneI also got a wonderful copy of the Roxanne hand quilting video from Hanne, who heard my plea for help figuring out how to do a proper quilting stitch. I am still intimidated by it, but the video is great!!

Big news on the home front: Aine started school yesterday!! Check out my cutie here ready for school. And if you want, there are some videos here of her first day! No tears, but got a little misty eyed…she is so brave and serious about school. Sigh.

 Aine Ready for SchoolAine in her uniform