Celine CQ Block 2

I am not really very good at crazy quilting and I don’t enjoy it very much. Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone. It is not that I don’t like it, I admire other peoples work very much and I do like stitcheries with stem and back stitches… I just get paralyzed with so much choice and kinda can’t do ribbon embroidery very well. Saying that, I am happy enough with my final blocks for a Crazy Quilt Round Robin that I did with a group of talented quilters and CQers in England and Sweden! I don’t think I will be doing much Crazy Quilting in the future, it is just not a passion, and I don’t think I’m very good at it! I will post a photo of my quilt when it comes back soon though.

I also suck at doing a proper quilting stitch. Barbara showed me her technique and made it look so easy to get even stitches on the front and back of her quilt. She can quilt amazingly fast. Now looking around I am paralyzed again by the amount of techniques for hand quilting. I am doing well just stab stitching each quilting stitch one at a time for my Dear Jane, probably best for that anyway, as there are so many seams! I’ll put in my latest blocks here, just click to see the details! What are your favorite methods to hand quilt? Can you recommend a good book? I’d love to learn a method where I can go a bit more quickly, though I suppose having done 60 blocks since late June isn’t too bad! I am aiming to get one done each day and sometimes get a few more…

F5 - Parcheesi - QuiltingI5 - Maria's Majesty - QuiltngC5 - Eye of the Cyclone - Quilting

E5 - Rising Sun - QuiltingD5 - Cathedral Window - Quilting

I am working on the heel gusset for my Pomatomus sock and while chatting with my friend Kathleen while doing a bit of knitting while kids ran wild over the house I managed to totally mess up the decreases. That will show me! No more talking and knitting on a complicated pattern, lol!! I spent last night ripping back to a place I could start again. A few days ago, Kathleen watched the girls for me and I snuck out to the quilt shop to see if I could find some fabric for the snowy mountains on my dad’s quilt, and pick up the Jo Morton and Rothermel prints she had on clearance!! There were roadworks that had me sitting on the road for about 20 minutes. Instead of seething, I remembered I had my sock knitting with me and took it out and got a few rows done while waiting to  move again! I should remember to keep it in my bag just in case I have a minute or 2 of found time 🙂 Gotta grab it while you can with 2 small kids!!

I’ll leave you with this photo of Aisling who decided she needed a hat, mittens and tea towel bib to eat her spaghetti…gotta love them wacky kids!
Spaghetti Eating Costume