View from our apartment in Portugal, originally uploaded by Cathi O’Neill.

This is the view from our living room in our apartment we rented for the week. You can’t see it in the distance in the photo but there is a view of the ocean as well. The lovely pool was a short walk away, and we had access to a kids pool and play area in a neighboring complex. We felt we got great place for a totally reasonable price!

Swimming PoolGirls and Cousins at the Beach Aine and Merlin holding hands...too cute

DH’s brother and partner and their two sons, Merlin and Noah, live just down the road, and the kids had great fun getting to know them better. Look at Aine and Merlin holding hands. They did that quite often, it was too cute!!

We went on beach barbeques, a water zoo with dolphin shows, the local zoo where Aine saw her favorite flamingos, saw the local city Lagos, went to the end of the world (OK, the westernmost frontier of Europe, last sight of land for Columbus for a good while!) I swam in the ocean twice, tried to swim every day, read one whole book (The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd) and got halfway through another, finished a doll quilt and got through the heel gusset of my Pomatomus sock. We also had a few late night meals with family, and I was able to get drunk one night (which for me entails about 3 or 4 drinks over the course of a night! I’m a lightweight with drinking, if not literally!!) Not bad for a week.Aine and Doll Quilt in the Garden

I took a silly fun photo for the vacation photo contest on Summer of Socks. Here is my sock at the “end of the world” beyond this point there be dragons!Pomatomus Sock at the End of the World

Today is our wedding anniversary, 12 years now, how time flies!! We got married on a blistering hot day in Woodstock Virginia. The wedding was at a lovely victorian inn called the River’d Inn. I changed out of my wedding dress and into a swim suit while listening to our wedding band playing traditonal Irish music…pretty laidback wedding, lol!!

I’ll be mostly unpacking, washing clothes, and working on some quilting. We have both decided that today is our first day of Weight Watchers again, so Dave will be cooking a nice but healthy meal tonight!!

OK…so better get going, hope to layer my doll quilt for hand quilting (have fallen in love with hand quilting!) and cutting out some more ocean waves blocks…and unpacking…and….