Happy 4th of July…From Ireland!!, originally uploaded by Cathi O’Neill.

DSCF0751Sorry for the belated post. Last week was a blur of illness (kidney infection and antibiotics, yuck!), quilting (I’m now up to 17 blocks quilted!) and piecing my doll quilt swap quilt (nearly done my 9th Dear Jane block and hope to get top pieced tomorrow to get it hand quilted over next week!)

I feel much loved my our blogging community. Thanks for the emails asking me if I was busy or okay!! I was both, just hectic. We had Dave’s mom visiting as well, which is nice, but I try not to be as computer addicted as I usually am when we have visitors!!

I am going to eventually aim to post every few days, but I somehow let it slide too easily, what with chasing kids around, housework, and just life in general. I’d love to take photos during the days to remember this time in my kids life. It passes by way too quick. Aine will be in Kindergarten this year (they call it Junior Infants here in Ireland…you get to be a Senior Infant the next year!)…you blink and years go by! Would you guys mind a mix of family and crafting in my posts? I feel like I need to include them more in my posts, my mom, especially agrees!

DSCF0749I have put a link on my sidebar to a little Etsy shop I opened. It has one item in it, lol! I am thinking of making patchwork bibs, balls (baby toy with a jingle bell inside) and these decorated onesies to sell locally and maybe in the Etsy shop… If you have a baby to buy for this year, take a look at my onesie!

I keep plugging away at the Dear Jane blocks…won’t post them all, that would be overkill but here are a few more thumbnails…click if you are interested!


I am still knitting, I’ve turned the heel on the Pomatomus sock, though it is taking a back seat to quilting for a little while till my doll quilt is out the door… And when it is out the door, so are we!! We are heading to Portugal to visit with Dave’s brother and family for the week on the 14th…better load up on the suncream!

My camera was left behind at a 4th of July party we went to yesterday with some other American families here, was a lot of fun!! I promise some photos of doll quilt progress in the next few days, when I get the camera back!