I have been very bad these past few weeks about getting anything done craft-wise…lots of thinking about projects, joining swaps, and reading way too many quilting and knitting blogs. I’m currently working on a new sock, my first using tiny tiny yarn (Trekking Pro Natura wool/bamboo mix) and am sewing 4 patches for a Christmas tree skirt I started years ago now it seems!

 Ages ago, Katy tagged me with the 7 Random Things meme, so I thought I’d scare you all a bit with too much detail about me, lol!

  1. I hate to fall asleep without some sort of background noise! This might be partly due to the fact that my DH snores, loudly, but when he is travelling I often sleep on the sofa so I can watch sci fi programs late at night!
  2. My Jerusalem Tattoo

  3. I have a tattoo! After college I saved for a year and then travelled all over the UK, through France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Israel and Egypt. I spent Christmas 1993 in Jerusalem, whereupon on Christmas Eve I got this tattoo, from a Coptic Christian woman who actually had an apartment IN the old walls of Jerusalem. Her business was called “Electric Tattoo” and the design is my own to commemorate my time in the Middle East: Hand of God was a symbol all religions used…so I used the Hand of God with Muslim evil eye motif, the Star of David and the Christian Fish symbol…there are dove heads there for peace…my little hope for peace in that region, and a physical memory of my 3 months spent in Turkey, Israel and in Egypt.
  4. On same backpacking trip I travelled alone, meeting up with fellow travellers…most people think I was crazy, but you meet so many people that way!
  5. I was still dating someone else when I started dating my husband, shame on me!
  6. I have a bachelor’s degree in French and German literature, but never used it for a job. I took a one day class on graphic design, and now charge quite a decent rate doing freelance graphic design.
  7. I was an au pair for a well-known family in France (if you have ever been there and know the Centres Leclerc, I worked for the daughter of the founder of the company) I lived in a 14th century chateau for nearly a year, and my French became fluent there!
  8. I’ve been very lucky with traveling for jobs I’ve had. Mostly secretarial jobs, but have gotten to travel to NYC, LA, and Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) for a great company working with the US Agency for International Development.

I have a fellow quilting friend coming over tonight to work on the Brian Boru wallhanging our group is doing. Will take a photo for you guys when it is done…the festival is in July, so we better get going!