I finished the pillow for Aine using some lightweight fabric from my stash…I do believe I made a “prairie” type skirt with that chambray print, back in the days when I wanted to be Molly Ringwald and sew all my own funky clothes, LOL!! I found some fabric up in my parents attic and brought it home, figuring I could use some of it in my scrap quilts and find other uses for the lighter or heavier stuff (foundations, home dec stuff…) It was fun to use up some of my very old stash! And she likes her name on the pillow…plus this used up all of my odd bits of batting…extra bonus!!

Those are my first row of DJ blocks for my wallhanging…going more slowly than I had imagined it would…but should look nice when done…

Did I tell you that my 18 month old got her MMR injection on Tuesday, but actually didn’t… They called me yesterday to say they had injected her with the water part of the mix, but forgot the actual vaccination…I’m not impressed.

I’ve got to get ready for American visitors tomorrow…my dad’s cousins from Wisconsin (would that make them second cousins or first cousins once removed…I can never figure that out!) should be nice visit. Posted by Picasa